How much does it cost to delay hiring that engineering manager, project manager, machine designer, PLC programer, technician or process engineer? Did you miss a major customer product launch jeopardizing a multi-million $$$ dollar deal? Are your machines running poorly, causing time and money to be lost forever? Is material being wasted to the tune of hundreds of thousands of $$$? Not to mention the added harm to our environment.

At EPS Connects, we will earn you money by accelerating the process of hiring for you and lower your stress level while we’re at it! We’ve been there, we know how hard it is to carve out the time to focus on that hire even though, it will help us hit our bonus targets. We’ve received the resumes that made us scratch our head and wonder if we gave someone the wrong job description!?

We’ve had days like this…

With your hands wrapped around that warm mug, you sit down at your desk hopeful.  “I’ve blocked off the first two hours of my day to focus on finding that candidate that my boss has been pushing for, it’s going to get done today!” you’re thrilled.

As the monitor warms up and starts to glow you take a quick sip and relax in your seat a little.  As always your first click is on the “Outlook” icon and then it’s straight to your calendar to remind yourself of what your day holds after the focused time you’ve blocked to yourself.

While the grid of the day’s events pops in to focus, a sinking feeling hits you right in the gut,  A new meeting request! It’s stacked with total disregard right over your solitary focus time! It’s you boss and it’s “Critical”…again!

You stand up, push the release button and hear the familiar clicking of your laptop disconnecting from its dock, grab it, a note pad and pen then rush off to find out what today’s “shiny object” is. Exhausted you finally sit back down again at your desk and with the moonlight shining in your window where the sun once was, you habitually reach for your now stone cold mug and look for the white space in tomorrow’s schedule. Shockingly you’re booked straight through, even lunch…ugh.

If only you could hand off this project to someone you trust to get it done right. All of it! Writing the job description, placing the ad, sorting the resumes, scheduling the phone screens, it has to get done. 

There’s no way you’ll be able to do a focused search and find that untapped market of candidates. You’re lucky to get candidates that stumble on your ad and take the initiative to log on to your site. They’re forced to navigate the torturous path someone created to “help” but of course, once again the tool is harder than the task. Now that candidates you were hoping to find thinks; “maybe my current gig isn’t so bad after all?” and it’s off to Twitter or some other social media. Their resume may never make it through your ATS anyhow, sometimes it takes human eyes to find them.

You know in your heart that the candidates that fit your needs, don’t even know that they are looking. They’re out there, they haven’t put in the effort to create a resume that will show up in your search, you know you could find them…if you could only focus.

“Even still, there are so many hints that don’t appear in the limited list of key words handed to me, heck aren’t some of these specific to just our company!? If only I could spend more time with the hiring manager to learn….nah, I just don’t care. Who besides an engineer cares what the difference is between an HMI and a PLC…such nerds.”

At EPS Connects, we’ve been that hiring manager, yup the nerd, and proud of it. We prefer when you say it without the “tone”. Don’t think we haven’t seen that face before! 😉

We’ve written the job descriptions, learned how to make them read with clarity, sorted the resumes, done the phone screens, the in person interviews and even the factory tours PPE and all.

Because we operate outside of the whirlwind of a manufacturing plant, we don’t get called in to the endless meetings and unlike the engineering manager, that “down” machine won’t take us away from a candidate search or postpone a phone screen.  We can focus on this task, while you tend to the others.

Let us do the work and find you the best candidates..  

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Our Specialty:

If you manufacture or design and need talent, you’re in the right place!

At EPS Connects we do NOT aim to be a recruiter for every possible position. Our focus is on Engineering Leaders, Engineers, designers and technicians in the Manufacturing Field including;

Engineering Management: Vice Presidents, Directors, Managers and Supervisors

Manufacturing Engineers: Process Development, Plant Layout

Assembly Automation Engineers: Machine Designers CAD and PLC/HMI Programmers

Injection Molding: Tooling Engineers, Process Engineers

Continuous Improvement: Engineers, Lean, Six Sigma, DMAIC, A3

Quality: Engineers, Technicians, CMM Programmers

Technicians– Process technicians, mechanics