Call, Text or Email

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Step 1. Contact EPS Connects

We will explain our terms and how we work, then discuss your needs and culture of your organization. We will review the required qualifications and even draft the job description if you’d like. We can speak with the hiring manager to understand the make up of the team, help identify the skills needed.

Step 2. Go back to your “to do” list while we search

Once the job description is created, salary ranges roughed out, benefits identified, is decided you’re done for now, EPS Connects will publish the job advertisement, use advanced searches and network connections to find the best candidates, do phone screens.

Step 3. Select from the Top Candidates and Decide

This is the part where we will need you. The best candidates are in high demand, and we need to move quickly as a team, stay in close communication and schedule the interviews to get it done.