Our Approach

Our approach is to be an extension of the Engineering Manager’s team and to work in partnership with them to find the right people or services to get the job done.

In today’s manufacturing world engineering budgets and resources are very tight. Finding the time to focus on recruiting or getting out to see new vendors gets pushed aside by other pressing issues and never allows us to get ahead. EPS Connects has been there and can help you focusing on your search for people and not just placing an ad and hoping for the best or by aligning you with a service provider that can get that tool or machine built locally.


Our Story

When I was managing engineering teams and driving to get projects done, there was always some part of my group that needed a new or different member or some sort of short term technical help to get part of a project done. I remember the pain and distraction of endless email, meetings, tight budgets and other daily production fires keeping me from helping the team execute on projects.  Recruiting took so much time and there never seemed to be the right fit. Finding the right vendor!? Who had the time to leave the plant to go to a trade show and find a vendor that could solve the problem with minimal help?

If only I could spend some time searching for the help I needed, I knew what I needed, but it wasn’t translating to those doing the search for me.  It was frustrating.

When I needed engineering candidates, the people assigned to the search would bring resumes that just didn’t fit. It seemed like as long as the word “engineer” was on the resume it’d end up on my desk, no matter if they designed bridges, were IT professionals or drove trains.   Never-mind that I asked for a process engineer, an automation engineer, a manufacturing engineer, etc. I wasn’t getting what I needed.

Frustrating, but how could I blame them? I have spent years doing what I do and learning to recognize the things I needed to see on a resume to consider it, they couldn’t tell a molding machine from an assembly machine and try as I may the explanation of difference wasn’t sticking.

When I needed a machine shop, someone to build an end of arm tool or small assembly machine, if they weren’t already on my go to list, I’d have to find the time to conduct a search. I could assign an engineer on my team and take time away from their project focus to get it done, but I had precious few internal resources.

When I did find the recruiter that could understand what I was looking for or a vendor that could deliver and stand behind their work, they were worth their weight in gold.  They made me look good!

As an engineering manager for many years, I saw an opportunity to help organizations in their efforts to find qualified engineers for their business.

My career has been spent delivering engineered manufacturing systems including; Injection mold tools, molding machines and high speed assembly automation for companies such as NP Medical, Nypro, TRW, Covidien, Lake Region Medical, AG Russell and Albea.  

This experience successfully leading multinational teams with diverse skill sets gives me a strong understanding of what is required to deliver on projects.  I have a strong understanding of the speed and environment in Medical Device, Automotive, Consumer Industrial and Packaging organizations, all require a different mindset.

With millions of resumes available how do you find the time to sort through and find the one that meets your unique needs?  Automated systems will miss so many qualified candidates that will be great contributors to your company, but simply don’t put the effort in a resume to make it through the screening.  At EPS Connects, we put experienced eyes on resumes and deliver a few of the best options to you to determine who you want to interview.

Meet the Founder

With more than 25 years in many different roles in manufacturing engineering for several different industries Eric understands the importance of making the time to find the right people to accomplish your mission.

Eric Sandberg

President | Founder

Engineer and Engineering leader with the know how to find the engineers you need

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